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The NFT space may be overwhelming, but there is so much opportunity – so long as all your data is in one place. Many people in the space resort to lengthy and messy excel spreadsheets to track their NFT portfolios. This leads to a backlog of data between Discord channels, Twitter accounts, and your personal custom-made NFT tracker. And as NFT users ourselves, we know just how chaotic it can get, which is why we created a platform for the community. This will guarantee that you never miss out on WL spots and announcements from your favorite projects and will allow you to stay in the loop with projects pre-minting.

Enter NFTY Dash, your one-stop-shop for managing, monitoring, and maintaining your NFT business. We aim to standardize the way people handle their NFT trading and collections through a simple and straightforward tool – with you at the center of it all.


Dash Access

By accessing your NFTY Dash, you will have exclusive access to the tool to help you manage, track, and maintain your day-to-day NFT trading and collecting activities. The dash also allows you to enter a private discord group where communication with a community of like-minded people is key. These people engage in day-to-day NFT trading and Alpha and WL opportunities for partner projects.